Audio Arena is one of the most unique car audio competitions.  Battle in the ring or get windy on the meter, either way we want it loud! SQ Grudge battles put the best of the best to battle it out until a king is crowned.  Voceteo Chipeo is a style native to Puerto Rico making a stamp on the mainland.  Wind Metering is our newest format measuring SPL vehicles output based on MPH.  

Upcoming Events

JAN – MLK Show – St. Pete

FEB – Love 4 Bass – Ocala 

MAY – BTN Show – Ft Pierce

MAY – Made of Steel – Dover

JULY – Summer Showcase – Jacksonville

SEPT – FL Finals – Dover

Audio Arena Registration is Exclusively On Pro1File

SQ Grudge

AMATEUR: Doors & Bass Only

LIGHTWEIGHT: Doors, Bass and Outside Grills/Bumpers Only

MIDDLEWEIGHT: Doors, Bass, Outside Grills/Bumpers and Window Pods Only

HEAVYWEIGHT: Doors, Bass, Outside Grills/Bumpers, Window Pods and Side/Rear Wall Only


SQ Grudge 2-3 Wheel

LIGHTWEIGHT: Mids and Highs Only



Voceteo Chipeo

1. Doors and Bass Only

2. Doors & Trunk / Cargo Area / Truck Bed – No external pods, crowns or enclosures

3. Extreme

Wind Metering

Sealed Trunk | Extreme Trunk
(enclosure must be in the trunk)
No Wall: Up to 5k | Up to 10k | up to 20k | 20k+
(enclosure must below window line for blow thru)
Wall: Up to 6k | Up to 12k | up to 25k | up to 50k
Extreme: No Rules


Jonathan Price 129KPH/80MPH (MOS 2022)

Brian Aintloud Jasinski 115KPH/71MPH (FL Finals 2022)

Steven Dunkin 114KPH/71MPH (MOS 2022)

Wall up to 50K:

Mike Malizio 142KPH/88MPH (MOS 2022)

Zach Ferguson 124KPH/77MPH (MOS 2023)

Southern Sounds 119KPH/74MPH (MOS 2023)

Joel Daum 108KPH/67MPH (MOS 2022)

Nelson Wells 92KPH/57MPH (Fingerlake 2022)

Wall up to 25K:

Brett Davis 104KPH/65MPH (Point Chase 2022)

Ryan Linamen 90KPH/56MPH (MOS 2022)

Simon Harris 81KPH/50MPH (FL Finals 2022)

Dan Hawk 76KPH/47MPH (Summer Showcase 2022)

PINKY Coleman 67KPH/42MPH (Points Chase 2022)

Roy Taylor 63KPH/39MPH (FL Finals 2022)

Wall up to 12K:

Sean Singleton 85KPH/53MPH (Point Chase 2022)

Mariano Carballosa 82KPH/51MPH (MOS 2022)

Tyler Knierim 62KPH/38MPH (FL Finals 2022)

No Wall 8k+:

Matthew Tiller 64KPH/39MPH (FL Finals 2022)

Dre Holmes 37KPH/23MPH (Summer Showcase 2022)

No Wall Up to 8K:

Mannie Wells 34KPH/21MPH (FL Finals 2022)

Shane Riggs 18KPH/11MPH (FL Finals 2022)

Steve Blackburn 14KPH/9MPH (Point Chase 2022)

Extreme Trunk:

Jorge Reyes 30KPH/19MPH (Point Chaser 2022)

Sealed Trunk:

Taylor Narog 20KPH/12MPH (FL Finals 2022)

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